This small change in the design meant less cutting and knot tying and a more secure stand, I believe. Just curious. I made some minor tweaking in the knots to make sure the posts were at a near 60-degree angle. Yes. This is not my own design, but it is inspired from a tensegrity stand used during the 1998 Burning Man event. It turned out that the camp was near a large wash that has many large trees along […]. I also recommend a pair of locking pliers to pull twist and pull the rebar out once you’re done. That was easy. You’ll enjoy the freedom that the 9-foot stand … To avoid this mistake: Use longer support lines and lay your steaks back a little. If you put a central post in the middle, could you also hang three more hammocks in the center? What is the function of the top rope, and why is 60° optimal? Am I misunderstanding something about the design? Amsteel would be ideal, but poly rope is cheap and works. The radius should be 14 ft (4.3 m). Awesome!! Mike! I’ve loaded these stands up with three adults and had no issues. Treated or untreated wood or does it matter? What is the length between struts? Item #1633856. Looks great on my patio except it is uncomfortable to sit on, definitely needs a cushion. Matching Truck Hammock … I’m kind of confused by the diagrams. Shop Hammocks Shop Hammock Stands Shop Hammocks with Stands (Combos) Shop Hammock Hanging Chairs Shop Hammock Accessories. Used your instructions here and in your book to make one this weekend. Your smile says it all! We had some trouble keeping the ropes from slipping up the rebars so I searched in my she’s for something we could use as a stopper, the only thing I could find were some clips and hose clamps. Got a few questions for yah: * Would it be better to cut the struts on an angle at the bottom so they sit flush with the ground? From the center point, measure out for your first stake point with the first string. Just thinking about driving those things in to the ground and wow, this Arizona soil is HARD and not looking forward to that. Our Hammocks to Birmingham shipping is FAST and FREE: 3 … This Calculator Shows You The Right Way to Hang a Hammock. What strength line should be used? This is not only somewhere to chill but it will also be another bed for mates. We tightened the clamps 3/4 of the way up the rebars and clipped the clips from the ropes that belonged on each rebar to below the clamps in order to stop it from slipping up or having the ropes rub on the semi sharp part of the clamp. The rebar’s smaller diameter driven by the mallet really helps it to go into the ground easier. And if you make that triangle as small as possible, can you then decrease the radius from 14’? I live in Arizona too! Once it was ratcheted down, it worked great and we had a nice time relaxing. Using Whoopie Slings to adjust the sides would also make it easier to set up and adjust. This is a testy reply! This stand uses fittings from and 1-inch EMT conduit and rubber furniture feet from the local homeless despot. Seeing the hammock between the struts was revalatory, so I had to try it out. Great to see you here. Placing the rebar stakes 14′ from each other means that those triangles won’t be equilateral, even if the wood makes a 60° angle with the ground. The Hammock stand worked awesome with six young boys hanging on it. I use these for everything: One thing that helped me was to tighten the bottom ropes first, to help keep the bottom of the struts in the correct position. Generally, that means you’ll need about 13 to 16 feet of open space for most hammocks. NOTE: The inexpensive poly rope that I list and use on this stand often needs to be set or pulled stiff when you first get it. I just ordered a 600′ roll of Amsteel blue. The Trillium XL comes with 3 underfloor storage compartments, giving you plenty of space to organise and store smaller items. Fiddling around with rolling hitches we found that 9′ bottom and 10′ sides seemed to work best, but with poly rope we got some slippage under load. It is an odd shape to cover completely without stitching together your own tarp. At my last trip, I had two stands going at once and instead of rings, I used those inexpensive steel carabiners that often come with hammocks. Wholesale Portable Free Standing 3 Way Hammock Folding Hammock , Find Complete Details about Wholesale Portable Free Standing 3 Way Hammock Folding Hammock,Folding Hammock,Hammock Stands Cheap,Indoor Hammock from Supplier or Manufacturer-Zhejiang Star Leisure Utensil Co., Ltd. It’s more of an ideal or approximation than reality. Any thoughts? the long lengths made it too off set. Second, that center post would need to be anchored to the ground somehow, or if it was a post cemented deep in the ground. It’s easily expandable and very sturdy. The 60-degree angle on the struts is optimal for stress reduction and to help ensure that the strut receives the most compressive forces. […] An inexpensive, anchored stand for up to 3 hammocks. You could tie a lark’s head around the top of the strut in the middle of the rope and then just string each side around the rebar and tie a single trucker’s hitch somewhere along the bottom near the strut. See more ideas about Hammock stand, Backyard, Backyard hammock. Thank you so much for this plan! A test reply, but last year we did this for our three boys. I’m not sure the stand would work with the type of forces used by the Tentsile platform. My neighbor was getting a kick out of me setting this up and he didn’t think it was going to work…. Once you cut the timber to size, make cuts for the half lap joints. We found that the top of the 2x4s moved toward the middle of the stand when weighted. For the ground and side ropes to create an equilateral triangle with 60° angles, each of the sides created by the wood and ropes would need to be the same length, so theoretically the rebar should be no more than 8′ apart, to match the length of the wood. A triangle is sturdier and equalizes better, especially when not equally loaded. Placed one stake temporarily in the middle to be my central post and just measured from that. I looked at the available hammock stands and they seemed quite expensive but very simple so I decided to give it a try. Derek, I think I solved the bottom and side rope issue and the stand set up nicely today. The Wooki works best when paired with a Warbonnet Outdoors Blackbird, Blackbird XLC, Eldorado, or Traveler hammock, though its universal design should fit any end-gathered or mosquito-style hammock. I guess I’m just trying figure out how long the bottom and side ropes should be. I would like to print one out. Thank You Good Sir. i put this over each rebar to keep the rebar from vibrating while i drive it in. x 82 in. Permanent part of your yard. Disregard my questions I just found that the length for the ropes on a different sight….had myself and 2 kids hanging in the back yard and it never budged…. Is there a limit to how small you can make the small triangle created by the base of the 3 2x4s? My hammock needs more than 12ft of spread to hang correctly. I based the design on some of the available commercial options. Because it is a 3WAY type, you can transform the stand into a stylish indoor drape by hanging the attached hanger pole on the chair that gently swings if you reassemble the stand. Once set-up, it creates a triangle with approximately 14 ft (4.3 m) sides. The struts also create nooks […]. Shop great deals on Hammock Stands. The hammock accepts you for what you are. There are lots of ways to spice it up and customize it . The folks whose stand I based my design from used much larger beams as struts. 450 LB Capacity. Set up the stakes in a hexagon shape. But I will do better on the 60 degree angle so my steel rings don’t slip off. 00. Here’s a photo of me right after setting up -> I tied a Lark’s Head through the wood strut and then threaded the working ends through the steel O-rings that were around the rebar stakes. I’d love to see photos and a trip report. I’ll have to give it a try with my current stand and see how it works…, In GA if you can get that stake in the ground to almost 3 feet you’ll never get it back out. I list the knots and techniques under the “setup” section. The bottom ropes don’t do a whole lot when the load is applied. Colorful days with 3 WAY hammock. Enjoy! Still worried about tensioning the top rope but I might try a couple different options and practice my trucker’s hitch. I was trying to find something as light and portable as possible to use at scout camporees. Current Price $32.95 $ 32. Without it, the stand won’t stand up. Have you had any issues with abrasion on the top rope? Steel Frame C Shape Hammock Stand in Black This Is C Frame Hammock Chair Stand, Which This Is C Frame Hammock Chair Stand, Which Is Ideal For You To Enjoy Your Hammock … If your hammock will be used by small children, it is crucial to purchase a hammock stand for the additional safety measures. Product Title Sunnydaze Brazilian Double Hammock with Stand and Carrying Pouch, 2 Person Portable Bed - For Indoor or Outdoor Patio, Yard, and Porch (Sunset) Average Rating: (4.6) out of 5 stars 19 ratings, based on 19 reviews. Some folks have complained that the rope stretches, and that seems to be the case on the first few uses as the rope is getting pulled stiff. Pictures here on this Reddit post: Steps to make a DIY hammock stand with posts . In our tests, we loaded 4 adults on the frame with no problem including a double hang on one side with nothing else loaded. Yes, I’d love to see some photos. I have a question for you. This is the first time we use this technique, but it was an easy and fast way to attach the frame to the base and have a sturdy base for this hammock stand. I have a few pictures if you’d like them! Shop our best selection of Hammock Stands to reflect your style and inspire your outdoor space. This stand holds up nicely with just one person. One of my rings slipped off and one support came crashing down. The rebar is to be cut. Hammock tips, illustrations, and reviews. And, ivy with the garden sense are also included. My Suggestions…. The stand is quite stable, the hammock is easy to add or remove, and the result is decadent. After raising the straights to slightly > 82 inches from the ground (the correct length for 60 degrees) I tightened them down. I’ve finding several different types of poly rope (diamond braided, hollow, twisted, etc), which kind did you use exactly and does the working load of the rope matter much? If you live close to a grove of bamboo, they make for cheap renewable yet sturdy poles. Use a pair of vice grip locking pliers to twist the stake around and then it easily comes out of the ground. I’m about to make one of these. ©  2020 The Ultimate Hang. Just check the rope lengths. I want to figure out how to take it to Burning Man – do you think this setup would work with the Tentsile hammock as well? I was thinking about the anchor points for my hammock (Hennessey Explorer Deluxe) and was trying to figure out the hight so my hammock hangs right. We put pool noodles on the stakes in order to avoid any injurys and the tents we had fit well inbetween the stakes in order to keep us within out limited amount of space.The top lines also doubled as clothes lines since it rained heavily the second day n soaked through everything. Hammock stands securely hold hammocks in place, making them safer. 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Opens in a new tab. From the unique fabric blend to sturdy metal materials, this has it all. Thanks. Advice: The broader the hammock, the bigger the lying comfort! It’s worth experimenting, but there might be a better solution. Compare; Find My Store. A hammock doesn’t care whether you are wearing the latest fashion or if you found your clothing at a garage sale. Make sure you secure the side ropes. hammock stand is easy to make yourself and a great way to soak up the sun or curl up with a good book. Has anyone ever asked you about using shorter struts? That said, some people have invested in smaller, lighter, stronger rope or cordage. The angles on the struts should be about 60 degrees, making a equilateral triangle/pyramid shape. There is no need to cut the struts. I’ve added extra hardware in places to reduce abrasion. Distances of 16 to 25 feet can be spanned with straps. 2-day delivery. With the FDW hammock stand, you get high-quality stainless steel construction, for 25% less cost. For the average person, a hammock stand helps to evenly distribute the occupant's weight, thereby maximizing the life the hammock. Hammock frame of wood grain will produce warmth and luxury in your room. I wanted to report my first failure with this stake and support pole system. Blissful days with 3 WAY hammock. More Hammock With Stands Here… #1 – Editor’s Choice – Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand The Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand comes with a space-saving steel stand and a double hammock in your choice of cotton, polyester or weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric. I upgraded to much bigger hammock for several people which is way more stable and easy to sleep in: Did anyone have the experience of the struts snapping when two or more of the hammocks were occupied by adults? It allows for long hammocks and tarps to be used, but you can shorten it to some degree. I have added the steel O-rings or steel carabiners to reduce the wear on the poly rope when attached to the rebar. Step 1. I’d love to see some photos of your finished stand. 60° angles provide for the most strength and stability, but based on the design it looks like there are some angles that are at 60° — the wood struts where they meet the ground, the corners in the top rope — and others that can’t possibly be 60° angles because of a difference in the lengths of the sides of the triangles. This protects the rope from abrasion and serves as a visual depth indicator when driving the stakes in the ground. The steel O-rings around the rebar stakes really worked well. With this item, you can easily fulfill your dream of hammocking at home. Shipping and local meet-up options available. Often referred to as a hanging mattress, these hammocks … When tightened up what does the length of these ropes end up at. now to find a tarp maker for this! This hammock stand comes down quickly once you loosen the Trucker’s hitch. Someone mentioned modifying this for 4 people, but I am wondering about 5. I looked at the available hammock stands and they seemed quite expensive but very simple so I decided to give it a try. The Wooki’s set-it-and-forget-it setup makes it an ideal choice for beginners, but don’t discount this as a beginner product — it’s a field-tested favorite of seasoned hammock campers. I just purchased a Tentsile Trillium hammock and had the most wonderful time using it this past weekend. Is the smaller sufficient or for 3 adults, should I really go with the larger? Just wondering if anybody had three good sized adults (250-300 lbs) in all three sides and it held up? I offered up what I used, the poly rope, but it is stretchy, especially when you load it with a few people. The tensile forces change when you put this on a slope, so I wouldn’t advise it. The Byer of Maine Paradiso Double Hammock on the shores of Lake Powell, Arizona. Required fields are marked *. Way too much stretch (my 220lbs probably didn’t help much). If the span is too small, a two-poled mounting stand is a must. The longer rebar stakes are important because of how much tensions you put on the struts. Currently, I’m not using the anchor point pegs, rather I’m just wrapping my suspension straps multiple times around the struts. Perfect for our family of three. Thanks Derek, […] the assembly instructions here tato gear hammock stand kit. Product Title Sunnydaze Brazilian Double Hammock with Stand and Carrying Pouch, 2 Person Portable Bed - For Indoor or Outdoor Patio, Yard, and Porch (Sunset) Average Rating: (4.6) out of 5 stars 19 … The stands support up to three hammocks arranged around a three-sided table in the centre. After the initial set-up, I leave all the ropes connected to the posts. Also, I had to use a trucker’s hitch, rather than two half hitches, on the side ropes, because the two half hitches kept slipping when I entered the hammock. I think those are too long (or my adjustable loops are too short). You can use other hammock stands for ENO hammocks if you wish, as long as the frame is about 10 feet long. No worries about mixing and matching, we've done it for you- … A trunk-to-trunk distance of 13 to 16 feet is ideal. I’ve never had slippage issues like you describe when I do this. I’m glad it was working for you! Here’s what you can expect from the Sorbus double hammock. See Image: GÅRÖ Hammock stand, outdoor, gray. Thanks! The length of the stand can be adjusted by lengthening the inner triangle. Amsteel is notoriously slippery, so test first. Instead of using the three person stand set up, I used on support pole, and a tree for the other side (due to no good hanging trees). I did it! Does a trucker’s hitch still make sense? Free shipping. I think to avoid abrasion on the top strut I would recommend using some webbing loops and carabiners on each strut that the top rope is threaded through. got back in and all was well again. The Sunnydaze bears up to 550 pounds and accommodates both Brazilian and spread-bar style hammocks. 3person hammock stand the ultimate hang. I assume by adding a fourth stud. The struts are taking compressive forces, driving them into the ground. I’m wondering if an eye bolt with lag screw threads (drilled into the “inner” side or the top end of the strut) would relieve the abrasion issue (if it is an issue). Thanks for the amazing guide! Having a stand that travels well (portable), is easy to assemble, and doesn’t cost a fortune are also bonuses. I also like to have a bit more vertical separation from the anchor points because it slows down the swing. actually, it probably wouldn’t be a proper hexagon anymore, would it? I would love a single, large circular-ish tarp. Hi Derek, can you give more details on the tarp sizes you recommend for getting max shade out of this structure? That poly rope is very stretchy. Purchase a hammock stand from ENO for easiest setup. 2019-07-27 17:13:30. Just tried this out at a Beaver Colony camp using 2.5mm 12 Strand Dyneema SK78 for the side and bottom guys, and 5mm for the top. I purchased this stand and Eno's Double Nest Hammock. Double Classic Hammock with Stand - … Choose from a standard solo hammock stand, one that can hold three different hammocks, or a Roadie stand that can be held up by the wheels of a car for road trips. 5/12/16 10:00AM ... Everyone loves lounging in a hammock, but hanging one securely can be tough. $289.94. A hammock upgrade – for a bed. Please share photos of your set-up at the campout! There are a … Hang the hammock between 2 trees at least 12 to 15 feet (3.7 to 4.6 m) apart. I don’t know if those stakes will hold. one other thing i did was have a local welding shop create a 10″ pipe with a piece of still welded on the top as a cap. Need to work on getting the base distances optimal as my hang angle was a bit too extreme due to the length of the hammock. The hammock holds 880 pounds max (~ roughly 4-5 people). (3) 3 product ratings - Hammock With Stand 2 Person Chaise Lounge Patio Furniture Sling Outdoor Canopy. Derek, I built this last year and have upgraded this year to amsteel. This can make the stand flex a little. Using 2×4 instead of 1×2 will increase the safety factor. A place to hang not 1 but 3 ENO hammocks, the ENOpod 3-Person Hammock Stand has I ended up adding a second anchor point at 4.5 ft (137 cm) from the bottom of the strut. . It works and it keeps the cost down, but it needs to have the slack pulled out of it. Vnewone Hammock with Stand 2 Person Heavy Duty Portable Hammock Stand with 9 FT Space Saving Steel Stand Portable Carrying Case Weather-Resistant Finish for Patio Backyard Garden (No Hammock) 4.3 … The side struts can require some adjustment depending on what rope you use, so using an adjustable knot like a taut line hitch or truckers hitch is nice. The top rope is absolutely essential. Guess I’ll just have to play with it at first. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with your loved ones while watching the sunset, or read a book alone in a free sunny afternoon. It’s fun! Sale +3 Colors Available in 3 … BEST HAMMOCK WITH STAND REVIEWS. About what length is your single yellow side rope (30ish ft)? I based the design on some of the available commercial options. I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find a great hammock stand for my tree-less backyard and at events (e.g. In this way, I could tie Trucker’s Hitches on the lines easily. Tutorial at The Ultimate Hang […]. The struts should be at that same angle. Botanical style living with nature. I built just one strut this weekend and attached it to my clothesline with poly rope. Because it is a 3WAY type, if you rearrange the stand, it will be transformed into a chair that gently shakes, and if you hang the attached hanger pole on the stand… You may have to lash out guy points as drilling holes in the bamboo may not be structurally sound. Any Ideas. For the freedom to really stretch out, the Sunnydaze 15 Foot Hammock Stand is 6 feet longer than ... 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You can use 2x4s or other hardware as needed. I have not. Skip the sag! Presumably, you could move your ground anchors in a little (maybe closer to 12 or 13 feet rather than 14 feet) and reduce the lengths of the side and bottom ropes. How to make a hammock stand. The hammock stand is easy to move since it has a wheel on one side. Derek: This looks intriguing. it can be hard, but at our last trip up to Lake Powell, it was important to get a deep stake into the sand, even though it was hard soil. I know you mentioned others using 7/64 Amsteel. Well Derek, it’s time for Y.A.T.S., Yet Another Tensegrity Stand, 3 Person Hammock Stand in Texas and I have some questions. They are essentially a trio of slacklines, so the pressure exerted would likely be more than the system can handle. Amsteel….. Made mine with Poly. I’m working to put one of these stands together for a week-long desert camping event this fall, and the one place I’m running into confusion with this design is in the question of equilateral triangles. I also use steel rings on the rebar to prevent abrasion.