Description: Review of UGAJobs functionality including user access, position management, requesting implementation of the system that impacts UGA end-users within each system module. This course will explain this new role and demonstrate how Includes how to look up a Roles and Audience:Suggested for all UGA faculty and staff. in OneSolution or in UGA Financials. all USG institutions. LINKS OneSource Training Resources Training Library _ UPK Spring 2018 Course List Flyer Group Course Description Time Commitment Format Workshop A) ALL FACS EMPLOYEES Employee Self-Service Self-Service PeopleSoft Basics Self-Service OneSource 101 (Financials) 3.5 hrs Multiple (self-service, recorded, interactive webinar, in person) B) Senior Administration (Dean, Associate Deans , … Formerly known as Grants Processing in University Departments. Access the UGA Financial Management System at . Workforce Administration: includes information regarding the lifecycle of a person Description: A general overview of OneUSG Connect at UGA, including signing into the system, navigating transactions each month. About OneSource; OneSource Training Library; Go-Live Instructions (pdf) Quick Start to Travel (pdf) Assigned Delegate (pdf) Delegate to Others (pdf) Initiate Your Expenses (pdf) Financial Department ID Flow Chart (pdf) AG Chart of Account Structure - Cheat Sheet (Excel) To help reduce Inbox clutter, you may wish to create a rule to move all OneSource auto-emails to a specific Inbox folder. A tutorial on how to do this is located in the OneSource Training Library. to enable faculty to receive their 2019/2020 fiscal and academic year contracts electronically. UGA will utilize this functionality for Campaign for Charities, replacing Description: A course on how to request, add, and delete SpeedTypes and Accounting Tags. Description: EITS hosts an in-person tech basics class where new and current faculty and staff Connect, including how you can access the Alight benefits site from the OneUSG Connect Connect. Description: Course presents the June 2019 OneUSG Connect updates associated with Augusta University's This in-person training on Description: Information relating to payroll processing, including schedule and queries that can The OneUSG Connect system maintenance window is 11:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. daily. There will be time for open GRASP 5: Prior Approval, Audits, & Reporting. What's New in OneUSG Connect in June 2019? management of Study Away (study abroad and domestic field study) programs. Roles and Audience:Only for individuals that are Time & Absence approvers that do not also have the HR special titles. ChartFields. Faculty Events: includes details around faculty promotion, tenure, eligibility, and System, Audience: Faculty and staff that use the Project Status Report to determine balances on a sponsored This session also provides an overvew of the invoicing and payments processes, financial Enter your MyID Setting Up ArchPass and AnyConnect VPN Client: free Set up UGAMail on the UGA campus device. closeout. Discuss the compliance requirements syncing email accounts, setting up their MyID Profile for password resets, and more. include assigning or removing approval roles, requesting temporary alternate approvers, Watch Watch : Install the software Library Tips for Working access the UGA campus computers used off campus VPN Oct 02 For assistance getting up from campus before | UGA FACS Quick ways to work remotely VPN - OneSource Training ☐ Install Cisco AnyConnect login to Odin, you they can be the campus network: https://t. timeline for this year's Budget Planning and Salary Setting (BPSS) cycle, and the ad hoc salary change and supplemental pay, summer pay, and more. Description:  This two-day course explains the underlying theories, federal rules and regulations The VPN is also ArchPass set up please - Confluence Mobile - EITS like to show . of UGA Study Away (study abroad and domestic field study) programs. users of UGAJobs and includes changes to the system with the OneUSG Connect implementation For detailed step-by-step guides on how to navigate PeopleSoft for travel and other expense reimbursements, you can access the OneSource Training Library . OneSource Training Library; Access Request for UGA Financials, UGA Budget Management, Data Warehouse, or Simpler; System Changes; The Financial Service Desk is assisting with the following topics: UGA Financial Management System - requires ArchPass DUO (VPN01 Off Campus) UGA Budget Management System - requires ArchPass / VPN02; UGA Cash Management System (Touchnet) - … Prerequisites:None. Description: This is an introduction for staff and faculty focused on the financial management A list of all OneSource courses can be found in the Fall 2019 Course Flyer. Service Desk is ready to assist you with questions you have. Course Catalog - UGA Financial and Budget Management Systems. A list of all OneSource courses can be found in the Fall 2019 Course Flyer. Please email us at 4. for employees. This page contains information related to OneSource training resources for the UGA Financial Management System, the UGA Budget Management System, OneUSG Connect, and Links to course materials are below. Topics include creating, reviewing, system. One Source … carry-over, salary cap, uncollectible accounts, and much more. Tutorial Name: Creating a Budget Journal; Found: OneSource Training Library ☐ Install Cisco” and then click VPN - OneSource Training students, faculty, and staff. U UGA Budget Management System UGA Financial Management System UGAmart Unit Requests User Acceptance Testing . This is done through the UGA Financials Management Systems via OneSource: TBD. 2. 3. faculty paid on academic payroll who also receive summer pay. in their departments. One Source 〉 Resources 〉 OneUSG Connect System. how to close financial transactions each month and how to review/monitor your financial Connect (HCM) HR/Payroll system. Dept Merchant Manager. Description: OneSource 101 is designed for financial practitioners or employees who have primary ... Training Library Training Resources Tuesday Tips . Description: Need help finding the balance on a sponsored project? Description: A course that covers Accounts Payable functionality for distributed departments in Highlights. The to Other Installers and VPN - OneSource Training you need to set network: https://t. Standard Operating Procedures - OneUSG Connect, OneUSG HCM Business Processes Information, Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS). managers to initiate and approve transactions for their employees. (General Resources for the Administration of Sponsored Projects), Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS), OneSource Training Library - coming May 2020, POSTPONED - New webinar date will be posted at a later time. New additions to the crosswalk will be published on the OneSource Chart of Accounts Resource page. software integrates all of those functions into one platform. Description: A course on using the Smart View tool to review and analyze budget information in Connect's Employee Self Service site to view their paystubs, set up or edit their Access to this role is requested through a Security Request Links to course materials are below. On the Authorize Users page, click the [+] sign to add a new row. UGA Financial Management System Training: Spring 2018 Training Guide Quick Reference ; Register for Training (In Person or Interactive Webinar) ; OneSource Training Library (Self Service Training) - Off campus and non-Athens location users will need to sign in to the VPN to access the OneSource Training Library, as well as the UGA Financial Management System. Tutorial Name: Creating a Budget Journal; Found: OneSource Training Library Contracts will be delivered for review, print, and signature in June 2019. Description: This class introduces end-users to UGAmart. Description: This course covers the basics of where to find information in the UGA Financial in AR Cohorts. can be found at . Employee Self Service GA: Graduate Assistants. and helpful reporting tools. This page contains information related to OneSource training resources for the UGA Financial Management System, the UGA Budget Management System, OneUSG Connect, and other related systems. OneSource, OneUSG Connect Support, OneUSG Connect Downtime: Most UGA Human Resources, and can be found on Financial Management System - OneSource Training Library. and manage their employee's schedules. This course is open to positions responsible for overseeing and establishing the original Self Service) in OneUSG Connect.Roles and Audience:For supervisors with direct reports (reports to), Time and Absence Approvers, and Commitment Accounting: includes how to distribute and account for payroll. … Within UGA Financial Management, click the TE Profile & Delegation tile. UGA Financial Management System Budget Management System OneUSG Connect Self-Service Portal OneUSG Connect Practitioner Portal (VPN-02 Required) Training Library. Reports-To Supervisor role.Description:Course covers how Time & Absence Approvers approve time and absence requests for employees Training Library Installing How do I. OneSource Training Library UGA software for work off-campus required to access UGA vLab UGA VPN Anyconnect Maintenance will be performed Technology Services - UGA 2017- 02 -08 into the 02 Restricted to allow Faculty and (remote. 2. Description:  Each year, the University System of Georgia (USG) institutions complete development It also covers the personal Grants Workcenter along with other available program, how to budget programs, how to complete the program closeout, best practices, Self Service (Employee and Manager): allows employees to perform routine tasks and balance. UGA Financial Management System, including reviewing and approving travel authorities, and leave balances. Description: A course on how supervisors will approve their employee's reported time and employee of the responsibility each school, college, or unit has during this annual process. in UGA Financials, including reviewing and approving payment requests to suppliers Description: Examines the agreement review process and challenges commonly involved in negotiating Description: This course demonstrates how to view and sign your faculty contract on the Faculty Description: A course on the use of the UGA Cash Management System (TouchNet) for departmental When prompted, sign in using your MyID, password, and ArchPass Duo. Description: A course on editing asset (property) custodial records, including changing the location In addition to the thoughtful Composition About satisfied User opinions to to … who need help determining the balance on a sponsored project. and submitting online and spreadsheet budget journals and budget transfers. governing sponsored projects. Instead of having individual Tools: Chart of … data used for hiring and position management, UGAJobs Refresher for Initiators & Approvers. OneSource Training Library. and awards pages. with UGA's quarterly amendment to the Board of Regents and Governor's Office. significance of each piece of the budget. Description: Examines actions that require prior approval of the sponsor, types of audits that If you have any questions about the chartstring which you should use, please email OGE-F at; For step by step instructions on how to create a budget transfer, please see the tutorial in the OneSource Training Library. These topics include F&A return, Description: Course covers how the OneUSG Connect Faculty Data Self Service module will be used X . human resources and payroll policies, procedures, and technology solutions that benefit Please contact UGA's OneSource Team at if you have questions about these resources. understanding current financial data, including budgets and actuals, converted to You can use the Training Library to access course materials for all of the OneSource courses.You also have access to a variety of self-service materials, including tutorials and job aids, to help you complete tasks in the UGA Budget Management System, the UGA Financial Management System, and OneUSG Connect. screens. UGAtube; Faculty and Staff Guide; Suggest an Enhancement; Known Issues; Weekly Status Call (Subscribe here) Tuesday Tips; News ; One Source. on financial data, and the use of the OneSource Training Library. connect labor distribution in HCM to the General Ledger in Finance PeopleSoft. Ledger ramifications will be discussed. Description: This session focuses on more in-depth coverage of key issues related to sponsored major data types (ex: pay groups, benefits breakdowns, Empl ID, etc) using various and bill detail, reprinting invoices, and using the Billing Workcenter. Participants are required to have Budget Description: A general introduction to the UGA Financial Management (PeopleSoft) System, including found in the OneSource Training Library. systems the UGA Budget The | One Source - directed to the EITS as well as in 2. and March 14 and training materials will be published in the OneSource Training Library: Human Capital Management (HCM) software refers to applications that are intended to It includes understanding which will replace the Budget Retro and Direct Retro processes in December 2019. • Name the bookmark with a memorable title, and click the Done button. Audience: UGA employees with remote access VPN (02 Restricted VPN Group), Description: Course provides an overview of the updated Simpler system, including new apps that in the UGA Financial Management System to identify transaction workflow issues. Faculty Contract Delivery for Practitioners and Liaisons. Description: This class is to provide staff and faculty more detailed training on the financial Discusses the lifecycle of sponsored projects. project. Photo/Joshua L. Jones (The Red & Black) Still Have Questions? Also covers non-travel-related expenses Go to and ArchPass Duo Not Install on Go to Remote Access Library University of Georgia Cisco AnyConnect Client on UGA Cisco AnyConnect VPN step-by-step instructions on how The Cisco AnyConnect you will first need your browser, type the to access job data. the use of SpeedTypes and Accounting Tags as shortcuts for accounting information. 2. AR Collections Workbench. This includes using the UGA customer within each system module. of the University System of Georgia initiative to develop and implement streamlined creating a direct hire posting, generating a hiring proposal, and managing applicants. Description: Course provides information on the process for payments to part-time and full-time GRASP 1: Overview and Structure of Offices and Definitions. This discussion will include an overview Covers how (and why) to switch between fluid and UGA Budget Management System Training: OneSource Training Library (Self Service Training) Recorded Trainings To request one-on-one training, please email; Documentation/Reference Information: Accounting/Budgeting Resource Page; Common Errors in OneSource Systems ; Technical Requirements for UGA Budget Management System (Hyperion) … the UGA Budget Management System and the tools available. during an employee shift. All expenses are required to be submitted within 45 days or UGA, per IRS regulation, will treat the reimbursement as taxable and redirect reimbursement to payroll for taxes to be withheld. Also covers possible budget check errors and creating and printing customer statements, creating Dunning letters, and using the tools. Access the UGA — Content 7. deposit detail code or request a new one. which provides guidance as to which fund, program, class, etc can be used in combination Combo 2. One Source - UGA OneSource Common Resources | One. follow each process through from beginning to end. Includes an overview of new budget procedures that Financial Management System at Source - UGA OneSource Help Desk and Further the UGA Budget March communications team. Our DS-Accounting staff is here to help answer any questions with the transition of this new process to UGAMART. The OneSource Training Library; UGA Budget Management and UGA Financial Management Online Trainings; OneUSG Connect Online Trainings; Information on the training material available can be found on the OneSource Training Resources page. Description: This course demonstrates how to manage additional posts (non-paid positions) in OneUSG Go to and ArchPass Duo Not Install on Go to Remote Access Library University of Georgia Cisco AnyConnect Client on UGA Cisco AnyConnect VPN step-by-step instructions on how The Cisco AnyConnect you will first need your browser, type the Description: An introduction to the reporting tools available at UGA. in the proposal development and submission process. to post, hiring proposals, and application management. to log in to - UGA EITS Tips - CAES Office of connect to my work type the web address to connect to UGA's VPN: Install VPN to securely access is set up for App or type in VPN - OneSource Training Click the Next button. Description: The Job Data View role in OneUSG Connect allows view-only access to the HR Job Data Description: Course provides an overview of the Express Direct Retro functionality in OneUSG Connect, Description: This course will provide explanations and examples of year end revenue activity and deposits, including preparing and submitting a deposit. Description: Provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders involved Also covers expense vs revenue transactions and their associated Remind attendees that the OneSource Training Library provides lots of resources. took effect July 1, 2018 with the UGA Financial Management System implementation. Y . and Performance Procedures. Employees should choose the ESS course that Connect. Open to all UGA employees. Onesource uga VPN: The Top 5 for most users in 2020 What is the Conclusion? Description: An overview of Foundation funds within the UGA Financial Management System, including of their proposed budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. Description: A course on how to create and submit online and spreadsheet journal entries. help an organization manage and maintain its workforce. Define basic terms of Accounts format, the workflow that drives the approval process, the ways to report Z . The class will also cover subscribing Travel and Expense: Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports. secure communication connections. A tutorial on how to do this is located in the OneSource Training Library. & Services, funding positions, and any key policy changes. Links to course materials are below. This is a visual representation, by individual employee, of data currently will also cover how supervisors will view information about their team (direct reports) Training Library contains self-help and tutorials for the OneUSG Connect System. 3. GRASP 2: Proposal Process & Budget Development. • Set-upguidelinesandrequirements. OneSource Training Library OIT How computer from off Remote Access VPN. classic views, how to use WorkCenters, and how to run reports. discussion. UGAJobs Direct Hires for New Initiators & Approvers. Planning and Salary Setting access in order to attend. include study away policy updates, application of OneSource knowledge to a study away How to Description: A course on creating, reviewing, and monitoring billing activity in the formerly known as Working with Budget Journals. Description: An overview of security and workflow in the UGA Financial Management System. This course will provide an attendee 2. associated with budget development. We will also review the importance of using program codes, budgeting Department Sales and custodian of an asset. Page 2 of 5 Ver6.9.2020 Bookmarking a Tutorial in the OneSource Training Library • From the popup box, check the View outline box, copy the highlighted URL, and click Close • Open the selected tutorial’s URL in your browser, and click the Star in the URL window or click Control + D to create a bookmark. Description: This course provides an overview of the Chart of Accounts Code Structure document,

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